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The Chemistry Conference of Graduate, Postgraduate Students and PhD Candidates in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki entitled as “Research as development perspective” is organised annually aiming at giving the young colleagues and the graduate students the opportunity to prepare themselves for the next steps in their career development, and meeting the requirements of a demanding working environment.

The Conference sets the ground for the active engagement of students and the space to highlight both their research activity and their presentation skills in front of a large audience.

Young colleagues and graduate students are encouraged to get involved with the organization of the conference so that they can strengthen their coordination, management and communication skills, all marked as «asset-skills» by most of the high profile employers.

All the above are achieved under the supervision and guidance of both the members of the Division of Central and Western Macedonia of the AGC and the Chemistry School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.


Scientific Topics

  1. Analytical Chemistry-Quality Control
  2. Inorganic-Bioinorganic Chemistry-Nanotechnology
  3. Archaeometry- Maintenance and restoration of cultural monuments
  4. Biochemistry-Clinical Chemistry
  5. Chemical Education and Teaching
  6. Organic Chemistry-Natural Products
  7. Physical- Theoretical and Computational Chemistry
  8. Toxicology-Medicinal Chemistry-Quality Control
  9. Environmental Chemistry and Technology-Pollution Control
  10. Polymer Chemistry and Technology
  11. Food Chemistry and Technology
  12. Chemical Technology-Materials- Green Chemistry


The conference is organized by the:

School of Chemistry – Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH)

Association of Greek Chemists-Division of Central and Western Macedonia (AGC-DCWM)

Association of Chemists in Northern Greece


Conference Chair Persons

Prof. Thodoris Karapantsios, Head of the Chemistry School-AUTh

Prof. Victoria Samanidou, President of the Division of Central and Western Macedonia-Association of Greek Chemists

Prof. Eleni Deligianni, President of the Association of Chemists in Northern Greece



Organizing Committee:

Dr. Stella Ordoudi, Scientific Staff, Chemistry School-AUTh

Kyriazis Rekos, PhD student, Chemistry School-AUTh, Member of the Northern Branch of Association of Greek Chemists

Scientific Committee:

Assist. Prof. Natasa Kalogiouri, Chemistry School-AUTh

Dr. Dimitrios Giannakoudakis, Postdoctoral Researcher, Member of the Northern Branch of Association of Greek Chemists


Key dates and deadlines

Abstract submission: 15-09-2023

Notification of abstract acceptance: 15-10-2023

Deadline for registration: 31-10-2023


Important information

  • The 6th annual CC of graduate, postgraduate students & PhD candidates will take place at the KEDEA buliding (Thessaloniki, Greece).
  • Registration is FREE for all AUTh members

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