AUTh members

On the subject of public law

I. Kamtsidou, Associate Professor of Constitutional Law

Aik. Savvaidou, Assistant Professor of Tax Law and Public Finance


On the subject of International and European law

D. Lentzis, Assistant Professor of Law of the European Communities


On the subject of private law

G. Dellios, Professor Emeritus of Civil Law

A. Valtoudis, Professor of Civil Law

R. Giovannopoulos, Assistant Professor of Commercial Law

A. Tassikas, Lecturer in Civil Law

G. Psaroudakis, Assistant Professor of Commercial Law

On the subject of “law and information”

I. Iglezakis, Professor Ioannis of Law & Informatics


On the subject of criminal law 

M. Kaiafa-Gbandi, Professor of Criminal Law

L. Margaritis, Professor of Criminal Law and Criminal Law and Criminal Procedural Law

Th. Papakyriakou, Associate Professor of Criminal Law

A. Zachariadis,  Assistant Professor of Criminal Procedural Law

I. Naziris, Assistant Professor of Crimanl Law and Criminal Procedural Law

K. Chatzikostas, Lecturer in Criminal Law