Summer school “Current developments on financial crime, corruption and money laundering: European and international perspectives”, 3-11 July 2019

Summer School

“Current developments on financial crime, corruption and money laundering: European and international perspectives”

The Research Institute for Transparency, Corruption and Financial Crime, Faculty of Law -Aristotle University of Thessaloniki ( ), through the Center for Education and Lifelong Learning of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, hosted an intensive 8-day summer school on current developments in the fields of financial crime, corruption and money laundering at a national, European and international level, for participants who wish to advance their knowledge in the area.

The summer school focused on ongoing developments regarding key issues in combating international fraud, corruption and money laundering, international and European anti-fraud mechanisms and procedures, etc. Current developments discussed included, inter alia, the recent Directive on fraud against the EU financial interests, the Regulation on the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Anti-Money Laundering Directive, which recently came into force, asset recovery and confiscation, offshore companies, corruption, etc.

The summer school’s sessions opened on Wednesday 3 July 2019. The participants were welcomed by the Institute’s Director M. Kaiafa-Gbandi, as well as the former Dean of the Law Faculty of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, G. Dellios. Distinguished Professors from different European Universities and post-doctoral researchers from the Faculty of Law of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki taught at the summer school’s courses until 11 July 2019.

More specifically, lectures were given by the following Professors

Prof. Lorena Bachmaier Winter (Univ. Complutense)

Prof. Pedro Caeiro (Univ. of Coimbra)

Lecturer Konstantinos Chatzikostas (AUTH)

Dr. jur. Nikos Chatzinikolaou (AUTH)

Dr. jur. Peter Csonka (EU Commission, Head of Unit Criminal Law)

Prof. Thomas Elholm (Univ. of Kopenhagen)

Dr. jur. Athina Giannakoula (AUTH)

Ass. Prof. Ioannis Iglezakis (AUTH)

Prof. Maria Kaiafa-Gbandi (AUTH)

Prof. Valsamis Mitsilegas (Queen Mary Univ.)

Dr. jur. Yiannis Naziris (AUTH)

Assist. Prof. Theodoros Papakyriakou (AUTH)

Prof. Helmut Satzger (LMU)

Ass. Prof. Anastasios Valtoudis (AUTH)



Sixty nine participants(students, researchers, lawyers, political scientists, and other professionals) from whom twenty four from all over the world (Bosnia and Herzegovina,Colombia,Cyprus (3),Denmark ,Estonia Egypt,Finland,France,Germany (6),Iceland,Italy,Kenya ,Netherlands,Pakistan,Slovakia,United Kingdom USA) attended the summer school’s courses, which were hosted at the Aristotle University Research Dissemination Center and were taught in English.

Extended materials of the lectures were electronically distributed to the participants before the beginning of the sessions and at the end of every daily course. Intriguing discussions between the participants and the speakers took place throughout the classes, signifying the summer school’s well-aimed subject and high-level works. During the final day of the summer school, Thursday 11 July 2019, a written examination took place. Afterwards, the participants were awarded their certificates, while the one with the highest score received a prize.

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