Conformal Field Theories play a central role in our efforts to describe the physical world. From massless limits in Quantum Field Theories, critical points in Statistical and Condensed Matter Physics to Cosmological Perturbations, CFTs are omnipresent and regularly provide the starting points for more elaborate approximation methods. More recently, the AdS/CFT Correspondence has also emphasised the relevance of CFTs to String Theory, Quantum Gravity and Higher-Spin Gauge Theories.

The workshop aims to bring together experts in CFTs in order to discuss recent developments in the field. Some emphasis will be given to topics which have experienced a remarkable progress recently such as AdS/CFT correspondence and holography, bootstrap methods, thermal CFTs, higher-spin holography and quantum entanglement. We are hopeful that the workshop will help to fertilise further the exchange of ideas between the various research paths which have Conformal Field Theory as their common denominator.

The workshop’s poster is found here.

The workshop will take place at the premises of the Aristotle University Research Dissemination Centre.

The talks will be broadcasted through Zoom using the link.

Meeting ID: 912 0666 6112
Passcode: 364332

It is supported by the Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation (H.F.R.I.) under the first call for H.F.R.I. Research Projects to support faculty members and researchers and the procurement of high-cost research equipment grant (MIS 1524, Project Number: 96048).

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